Food Farms & Chefs Radio Show

Artisanal Comfort Foods, Desserts, and Where to find your next favorite craft brew

Episode Summary

This week's Food Farms and Chefs show was all about following your passion, believing in your dream, and turning your goals into reality. If you want to find some inspiration, then tune into this week's show, because all of our guests followed their passions, dreams, and goals and turned them into reality. Episode 243

Episode Notes

We began our show with some 'Made with Love' comforts from Kathleen Bianco of The Crazy Kat and Crave Pitman.  Bianco not only grew up baking with her grandmothers, she brought those memories {and love} of baked goods to their businesses.  Later on, she and her husband expanded on their business ventures by adding ice cream in addition to introducing new items regularly, including a heavy focus on gluten-free options. So if you're Craving something like Cheesecakes, Cookies, or Mousse Bombs...tune in to our show to find out everything that Crave Pitman and The Crazy Kat offers!

"Never give up on your vision, always keep going" are words to live by according to Shamaya "Bella" Oberlton of Rock N Rolls Philly.  Since 2016, Oberlton has pursued her dreams of owning Rock N Rolls Philly, beginning with a business that was operated out of her family's home. That same business  transitioned into food trucks--and more recently, a brick and mortar location.  Speaking of transitioning, stay tuned to hear how Shamaya gives back to the community--offering positions to individuals via reintegration processes.  But the biggest benefit of all...a delicious array of unique egg rolls, ranging from savory to sweet, with sides to choose from as well. 

Our last guest taps into his passion of what local breweries have to offer with his business, BrewedAt.  Evan Blum and his friend crafted their business model based on the desire to try what different breweries had to offer on-tap; doing so by trying different flights and discussing them.  Now, they turned their fun nights out into a booming business where they track whatever is available to drink, as well as what events the individual spots offer.  So whether you are a craft beer aficionado or a novice, BrewedAt can offer one place that showcases whatever you're looking for--all you need to do is look them up to find out!